The Vita Green Impact Fund is a radical, next generation social impact investment platform that achieves climate justice by delivering outcomes towards eight of the UN Sustainable Development Goals targets.

The fund aims to redress the balance of economic development while achieving climate justice for those most adversely affected by climate change, most notably Africa rural communities.

It offers impact investors a unique triple bottom line with financial as well as measurable and independently verified social and climate impact.

How it started

In the “proof of concept” phase launched in 2016, the Fund raised €2m including €1.5m in interest-bearing loans and €0.5m in grants. This was invested to provide sustainable and affordable water (in the form of community water points)  and household energy (in the form of fuel efficient stoves)  to 311,000 rural people in Eritrea and Ethiopia.

In the process, two million tons of carbon emission savings was generated and these emissions are being sold on voluntary carbon markets with the income used to repay investors. The surplus is being reinvested back into the communities which created the emissions savings in the first place, creating a circular model. Additionally, it is estimated that up to 30 million trees were saved by these communities transitioning to more sustainable practices.

Vita Green Impact Fund

Vita Green Impact Fund 2015 – 2020

Next steps

Vita is scaling up the Green Impact Fund to provide four million people in five countries in Africa with sustainable and affordable water, energy and forestry. It will generate up to four million tons of Gold Standard verified carbon emission savings annually, and save/plant millions of trees every year. This is a highly significant climate change mitigation programme. For more information please contact


Accreditation and Verification 

Vita’s offsets are accredited by the Gold Standard. To find out more about this process please click here.

What is Impact Investment?

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