€35 provides a fuel-efficient cookstove

€35 provides a fuel-efficient cookstove


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Support women like Yordanos with the life-changing gift of clean and safe cooking


By purchasing this vital gift, you are giving one family in East Africa the gift of not just a fuel-efficient and safe cookstove but also the skills and training to build and maintain this fundamental life source. This gift has never been more important. You see, just like in Ireland, cooking in East Africa is a way of bringing families together to share a feast and break bread. However, the very act of preparing this feast is harmful to families and the environment. Traditional stoves emit toxic fumes that cause respiratory disease and eye illnesses, they are inefficient and unstable, posing huge risk of burns and injuries and increasing cooking times. They also demand a huge amount of firewood that results in deforestation in already-arid communities and keep women and children in poverty by forcing them into hours of drudgery fetching and carrying heavy loads of fuel.

With this purchase, you have put the ‘celebration back into Yordanos’ feasts and her home. This improved stove is life-changing for many reasons: the enclosed flame and chimney prevent indoor air pollution, its height prevents burn injuries among small children, it protects the environment by saving trees from being cut down and it reduces fuel consumption by 60%, meaning women like Yordanos and her children no longer have to spend hours collecting heavy loads of firewood. It is little wonder this stove is known as ‘Adhanet’ in Eritrea, meaning saviour. 




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