Support small farmers with the gift that keeps on giving, the nutritious, climate-resilient potato!

With this generous gift, you are giving families not only access to improved potato seed that will increase their crop yields year-on-year, you are also giving them the essential tools to permanently overcome poverty with training and support from Ireland’s leading potato experts. Just ask Tesfaye and Workinesh! 

Before accessing Vita’s potato programme, Tesfaye and Workinesh were struggling to make ends meet, rearing four children on just €300 a year from their traditional potato crop. This low income trapped the Tole family in poverty, with little or no ability to overcome their hardship.

Receiving a potato starter kit with improved seed and expertise from world-leading agronomists changed all this for the Tole family. The kit enabled Tesfaye to grow better quality (and higher quantity!) potatoes and manage his land betterFrom this, the family’s potato yield increased from two tonnes of potatoes on his half hectare farm to 18 tonnes of superior quality potatoes. This vast improvement has seen the family’s farming income rise from €300 to €9,000 a year. Their children are all now in full-time education, with Workinesh and Tesfaye using this income to give back to their community and set up further small enterprises.