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Promoting climate smart and resilient food systems in East Africa in partnership with Irish Aid.

Vita is working with Irish Aid to increase people’s resilience to climate change, promote livelihoods and wellbeing in Ethiopia and Eritrea while strengthening climate adaptation and mitigation.

Together, we are working towards achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Our approach is focused on reaching those furthest behind first. Read more about Irish Aid HERE

Our partnership promotes:

Climate Action: Advancing community-led development and adoption of climate-smart technologies, approaches and methodologies that deliver tangible economic and social benefits for rural communities. For example working with global and local potato experts to deliver world class knowledge transfer and technical innovations that are transforming the seed potato and dairy value chain in Ethiopia and Eritrea. Click HERE to learn more about our organisational strategic plan.

Reduced Humanitarian Need: We are Partnering with underserved communities to deliver basic services like better nutrition, post harvest storage technologies and incredible recipes that help household store food for several months without worrying about spoilage. This significantly reduces hunger months and promotes food security.

Gender Equality: Our partnership advances equitable participation of women in local seed systems, improving access to rural economic opportunities for women and girls, and empowers/ strengthens women’s associations at local level to be at the forefront of community-led climate adaptation initiatives.


Our work in Ethiopia is developing a consistent supply of improved potato seed, which boosts the harvest significantly. Sustainable livelihoods are also supported through vegetable and poultry production.

Our work in Eritrea developed community-based seed multiplication systems, working closely with researchers, the Ministry of Agriculture in Eritrea and Teagasc in Ireland.

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