Kalkidan Tekekste, is a 22-year-old mother to 3-year-old Abai Addisu. Kalkidan and  her husband, leave with his parents and grandparents.

Kalkidan and her household have been using  the improved cook stove for five years now.

As a young mother, Kalkidan is happy with the impact the fuel-efficient cookstove has on her motherhood journey. She says the improved cook stove has given her time to play with her son, improved their health, reduced meal preparation time, and spinal pains related to firewood collection.

“Cooking was a tedious task. Women and girls would spend hours collecting firewood. Children and adults were at risk of burns due to stoves tipping over and flames. Thankfully, my son and I will not have to experience this” she said.

She says the improved cook stove allows her to cook and play with her son in the same room and saves her time from collecting firewood.

” Unlike the three stone cookstove, the improved cookstove emits less smoke and its flames are contained. I can cook and play with my son in the same room without worrying about his health and safety. Additionally, I no longer walk long distances to fetch firewood. This saves me time and prevents spinal injuries’ she said.

Kalkidan’s greatest wish is that Abai completes his education and finds a respectable job in the future.