Ateref is fetching water from an unprotected water source before the broken water point was fixed

It is difficult to imagine a clean and sanitary environment without water. However, in rural Ethiopia, many communities lack such access.

Reaching a source of water can take several hours on foot in Amhara. Water sources are often shared with livestock, resulting in unsafe and contaminated water.

The daunting task of fetching water is mostly left to women and girls especially. One such woman is Ateref Amisalu, a 31-year-old mother of four. Her source of water was “Lol Minch”, a dirty and open water spring.

” Since the water point broke seven years ago, I fetched water from unprotected springs. The water was contaminated with worms and algae which caused diseases among community members” narrates Ateref.

This ordeal is now a thing of the past as Vita is repairing all broken water points in Amhara and securing spare parts.

“Now I see new hope for our communities. We now have safe and clean water in our community through the newly fixed water points” said Ateref. She adds that since fixing of the water points commenced, diseases at household and community level have drastically reduced.

“I feel highly satisfied with my children’s health. I am very grateful to Vita that my children and those of my friends no longer suffer from water-borne diseases. says Ateref.

Vita – with support from Sisters of Charity of Cincinnati- is fixing broken water points in Amhara and securing spare. To date, Vita has fixed Ten water points providing clean and safe drinking water to over 5,000 people.

The provision of water to these communities has improved quality of life. Women and girls no longer walk long distances to fetch water. Girls’ school attendance has improved, and women now have more time to engage in social, livelihood and religious activities such as catching up with friends, poultry keeping and church meetings.