Potato Seeds Programme

In the highlands of southern Ethiopia, Wanbe Wazinge provides for her four children with the harvest from her family’s potato fields. 35-year old Wazinge has been involved with Vita for seven years.


Wanbe Wazinge 

“I learnt about soil maintenance, how to store the seeds” says Wazinge, “we also learnt about preparing the land for harvest, that was very helpful.” Wazinge used to only produce enough potatoes for the family but today she has funds in the bank, a new home and plans for further investments.


Wanbe with her son on the farm

Vita aims to Improve the livelihoods, food and nutrition security as well as the resilience of 350,000 rural poor households in Ethiopia. We do this by providing rural and struggling farmers with better quality seeds, climate-smart agronomy training, storage facilities and new technologies, as well as a route to viable markets where they can sell their seeds and crops.

The programme has a particular focus on women; Wazinge’s story illustrates the benefit of increasing productivity, profitability and sustainability of the potato value chain.

“Before, I couldn’t get good quality seeds, I didn’t know how to get the best harvest and I had trouble accessing finance,” says Wazinge.

The outlook for Wazinge’s family has been transformed by their hard work and participation in the programme – today they are building a sustainable future for the family.

Wanbe with her family

“Look at my house, my children – you can judge for yourself,’ says Wazinge, gesturing at the new roof that she has added to her family’s home. “My next step I hope is to buy a house in Arba Minch [a nearby city].”

“Getting new potato seeds and learning about them – that has changed everything for the better,” Wazinge adds.

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